Difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday


Though Cyber Monday is specifically for online shopping, the reality is that online retailers offer discounts on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some even offer promotions throughout the whole week. Looking at buyer behaviour, Black Friday is key for purchasing big-ticket items, which often involve some forward planning. That’s why you’ll see people camping outside electronic stores to make sure they get the specific tablet they want. There are often great deals on TVs, laptops, appliances and power tools. People often shop online for items which are more economical to ship and return. Consumers associate Cyber Monday with smaller items, gifts and impulse buys. Think clothing, toys and books – after gift cards, these are the most popular gifts. According to statistics from Black Friday Weekend 2019, Amazon sold more than 18 million toys and 13 million fashion items on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Data also shows that 54% of US consumers plan to do most of their holiday shopping online this year.