[Infographic] The Anatomy of a Data Team — Different Data Roles


Now more than ever, there has never been more demand for data roles. Find out which data career paths fit you, and learn about the different data roles within a data team.

Data Science and machine learning have never been more popular. As demand for data roles grows, the possibilities are endless when it comes to pursuing a career in data. This infographic presents a high-level overview of the different data roles within a data team, what are the different skills required to succeed, upskilling paths to get there, and more.

Data Consumers

Data consumers use data to make data-driven decisions and actively have informed conversations with data practitioners. 

Most commonly used tools

Possible job titles

Data consumers can have a variety of job titles. Anyone consuming data-driven insights falls under the data consumer category. Possible job titles include:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Head of Sales and Business Development

Skill levels

Beginner Skill Level

  • Understands what data scientists, machine learning scientists, and data engineers do
  • Knows which questions can (and can't) be answered with data 
  • Interpret the results of data projects, including calculations and visualizations.

Intermediate Skill Level

  • Is able to calculate descriptive statistics
  • Can draw common data visualizations
  • Understands the business applications of data

Advanced Skill Level

  • Has a strong grasp of the fundamentals of business intelligence

Upskilling path

Skill Tracks